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Information on The Laundress
Product Withdrawal

December 1, 2022:


On December 1st, 2022, we issued a voluntary product recall for some of The Laundress laundry detergents, fabric conditioners and other cleaning products. We are working to process all reimbursement requests submitted. 


A further in-depth review has identified that The Laundress fabric conditioners might contain an impurity (ethylene oxide) at a low level that nonetheless exceeds our internal company standards.  Most fabric conditioners were part of the December 1st recall list.  At this time, please discontinue the use of any other The Laundress fabric conditioners (even if it wasn't on the recall list) and request a reimbursement.  


March 31, 2023, Update on Fabric Conditioners


​We again deeply apologize for this situation and look forward to returning soon with a renewed commitment to the highest standards of product safety and quality. 


You can now request reimbursement for nearly all products from The Laundress in your possession, including products that were not part of the recall, and dispose of them. Refund requests already submitted do not need to be submitted again.    

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